Hello! Thanks for stopping by, I'm Emma and YOYO Studio is my little world. If you love happy art featuring friendly animals, bright colours and squishy sentiments then you are in the right place.

I like to think of it as putting a little bit of joy on your walls.

My studio is in my home on the West Coast of Scotland where I design and print all of the artworks you see here. 

Snatching time between nursery runs and school pickups I love to create prints that I hope will make whoever buys them smile. They make fantastic gifts for little ones and big ones and anybody in between. From my happy home to yours.

After a long time working on other projects YOYO Studio started as a side business in early 2016, I wanted to create some fun prints for my kids rooms, so using their imaginations and curiosities as inspiration I created the first animal sounds prints. Since then the collection has just kept on growing and growing.

I love to design bold and interesting prints for my children’s walls and to think that they might appeal to the little ones in your life too is really special.

If you want to say hello or ask a question please email me at helloyoyostudio@gmail.com